Riddle Number One

Before I introduce myself, we must see if you are worthy to know my name. Don’t worry, we’ll start it off easy.


It begins as a name that you call someone,

Someone whose true name you never say.

He lives in your house, he calls you his son,

With two letters you call him your ___ .

Next is a phrase used during fall months,

When children rush from door to door.

They beg for things to rot their teeth,

And yell, “Happy Halloween! ______-or-treat!”


Now, you should have my name. You do, right? That one wasn’t too difficult I hope. I’ll reveal the answer in the next post, as I always will with puzzles or riddles. I would hate to make it too easy on you, or ruin the fun by accident.

A little about me…I’m an electrician by day, professional air guitarist by night. No, just kidding. Though I do play a mean air guitar, and truly enjoy playing the piano. I’m just a normal guy, really. I read the paper, go on runs (when it isn’t too frigid outside), work hard, and enjoy puzzles. My only son is all grown up, in college, so it’s just me at home. It gets boring and I find I have a lot of free time, so here we are. Doing puzzles together. Maybe no one will ever read this, but that’s okay. It’s just as much for me as anyone else.

Let’s get riddling!

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